Architectural Design Services

Design Brief
The most important part of the building process is having a design brief which is understood by both the clients and the architectural designer. The clients budget for the proposed project is discussed to ensure the clients expectations are acheivable and realistic. Listening to the clients requirements and design ideas is essential for a successful design process, and is what Demand Limited does best.

     • On-site meeting with client
     • Discuss clients ideas and requirements
     • Determine building budget
     • Discuss building materials and architectural style
     • Identify factors that may influence design (Council requirements, site conditions etc.)

Preliminary Design
The initial design drawings based on the design brief are presented and discussed with the client.

     • Site Plan, Floor plans, Elevations
     • Review the design with the client to ensure it meets the design brief
     • Discuss any design changes that may be required

Developed Design
The documentation includes any changes discussed at the preliminary design stage and information that has been finalised by client. The Developed Design documentation can have preliminary costings applied. This is a very important process and ensures the design is in line with the clients building budget. Once the client is 100% satisfied with the design and the Developed Design documentation is complete the client provides ‘final sign-off’ of the design.

     • Site Plan, Floor plans, Elevations
     • Incorporates changes from Preliminary Design meeting
     • Detailed documentation for preliminary costings
     • Determine if a Resource Consent will be required
     • ‘Final sign-off’ of design by client

Contract Documentation
The Architectural plans and specifications required to apply for a building consent from the local Territorial Authority.

     • Detailed architectural drawings including, plans, details and product specifications.
     • Value engineered construction detailing and product specification.
     • Engage and manage consultancy services as required.
     • Prepare and collate all documentation for building consent application.